Do you do payment plans?

Yes.  50% deposit is required upfront to secure your date, and then the second payment would be the remainder (due the day of shoot).  Outside of that, we recommend saving up until you are ready to make the deposit.

Do you provide the outfits?

No.  Due to the wide range of body types here in Hawaii, it would be impossible to service all body types.  We do, however, provide one-on-one consultation on outfits, what to buy, where to purchase, etc.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Yes, we provide the full make-over.  Be sure to request these services at the time of booking.

Will you help me pose?

Yes! Most of our clients have never done a shoot before, and it is MY job to ensure you look flattering. 

Should I get a spray tan if I have significant tan lines?

Yes! We'd prefer to spend more time on photographing you then editing you.  One of the places that come highly recommended from past clients is Pacific Spray Tan in Waikiki.  We are not affiliated with this company, and are merely providing this information as a resource.