Laura De La Garza - 5 star

Exactly the chicken soup I needed for my soul. I've followed JP's work for about a year now and one night in June I went all in after he posted some pics from a shoot. I instantly fell in love with what I saw that day. Yes there had been others, but something about how he could make an oversized sweater and a pair of panties look so sexy mesmerized me. I thought to myself there's no way all of these moms could look so amazing. I literally went through hundreds of pictures looking for a fluke and found nothing but beautiful women who had been transformed and taken out of their comfort zone. 
This has been one of the hardest years of my life so I decided to splurge on a birthday gift to myself. So glad I paid up front because I tried to chicken out last minute but JP wasn't having it. His wife Rosie was so down to earth and knowing I felt overwhelmed that day she calmed my nerves saying she knew her husband would work his magic and everything would be fine. Andrea took no time turning my messy bun into a work of art. She even made time on her birthday of all days. 
I didn't feel pressured into taking any one specific kind of picture or posing for anything I wasn't okay with. JP and his team were complete professionals. The minute I reached out to him the response was immediate and he answered all of my questions within minutes of me asking via messenger. 
For all you moms out there wondering if it's worth the cost it totally is. Do something for yourself. Take the leap, you won't regret it!!


Where to even begin! I am a single mom two kiddos and after having my 2nd my confidence and self esteem was extremely low. I had become so self conscious of my body and just didn't love my self. I have done three photoshoots with JP. First one I did my own make up and hair for a boudoir shoot. I was beyond nervous and felt like there was no way I could do this. JP made my first experience amazing he guided me on how to pose and worked magic. But it still wasn't fully there for me JP did amazing work but I could still see my nerves in the photos. My second photoshoot I had his amazing wife Rosie do my makeup for a beach theme. This time around I felt in my own element just having fun around the water! JP helped me see my body from a different "lens" and I truly felt beautiful my photos were breathtaking. But that confidence still wasn't there and still felt incredibly self conscious. Because I am leaving to move back to mainland I said I can't leave without having one last shoot with JP and going ALL OUT! And that is exactly what we did! Rosie and Andrea did my hair and makeup and let me tell you they are beyond incredible at what they do! Like I need to learn haha. I did my final shoot another boudoir with a spin on itThis time I let myself be completely FREED! I let go of my self consciousness and my low self esteem. I FINALLY said I LOVE MY SELF! And truly felt beyond beautiful! JP captured me in the right angles with the outfits that worked their own magic! I couldn't choose a better team to work with to just let yourself love who you are In and out. JP I can not THANK YOU enough for what you have done for me! You took my self conscious parts about my body and you illuminated them to be the most beautiful parts on me! I can take away from my experience a sense of growth into the beautiful women inside and outside! If you feel like you can't feel and look beautiful or want to step out of your comfort zone like I did CALL JP RIGHT NOW and let him work magic for you! Love you JP and team! This isn't goodbye it is see you later and I know for sure any time I am in Hawaii I WILL be calling you guys for a photoshoot- Angellica Aguilar


Overall, I cannot express how happy I am with JP Photography's service. I never thought I could feel so glamorous and sassy, and especially not for that to be portrayed so well in pictures.
I was fortunate enough to fit in to JP's schedule on very short notice (about 10 days before my wedding) to do a photo shoot for my fiancé. Within a few hours of contacting him via his website, I received a text from JP confirming a date and time for our photoshoot.
The day of the photoshoot went extremely smoothly. Parking was a cinch (often problematic in town), and my first step was makeup and hair with Rosie and Kelsey. Rosie made me feel like a total bombshell! She is truly an artist and I felt like a totally new person after leaving hair&makeup. Kelsey turned my long, unruly hair into romantic soft waves that have lasted me 3 days post-shoot.
The shoot took place in a gorgeous historic home in Manoa while rocking out to music. JP's eye for feminine beauty was matched by his professionalism. Keeping the shoot fun and jovial, it was easy to enjoy finding new poses that worked for my body.
Selecting proofs was incredibly easy. I was able to view pics on a seamless web-based platform and select my favorite ones for JP to make final touches. He was able to hide the evidence of my extreme clumsiness by removing a few bruises on my legs while maintaining my natural skin tone and texture. Once edits were made, I went right back to the same website and downloaded my photos- just in time for our honeymoon!

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with JP and his team. Highly recommend!!!


JP, Rosie and Andrea are amazing at what they do. They made me feel comfortable and sexy- which can be difficult given I had a baby in the last year. I decided to do this shoot to celebrate my thirtieth birthday and I couldn't be more satisfied with their work. Thanks so much dream team! P.S. After seeing the finished photos my girlfriends are planning to work with you too!


Thank you so much for the level of Service You and your Team provided me on Sunday, 5/07/17. The experience I had from the beginning of making that first initial contact a month ago with JP Moulin Photography on Yelp, discussing wardrobe, accessories, and my idea with utilizing horses and a stable, through the end of the photoshoot was an AWESOME experience! I've taken many photos before and this here was the ULTIMATE satisfaction. Rosie, who was the makeup artist and who is also JP's wife did an AMAZING job with my makeup. Andrea, who was the hairstylist, made WONDERS with my hair. Catherine, who is the owner of the stable and horses, did a great job being so patient and so kind to let us utilize her location and horses for my photoshoot which by the way JP contacted and who is also JP's former client. During my photoshoot, JP knew exactly what I wanted. He is very talented and knowledgeable with the angles, the lighting, and with the female body. He directed the entire photoshoot which made it so comfortable for me. He is most definitely one of the best Photographer a female or male could have. I appreciate all the work and LOVE that was put into my MAGICAL photoshoot! Thank you very much to JP, Rosie, Andrea, Catherine, and Sonny (the horse)!

LIZ TOYS - 5 star

AMAZING experience working with JP and Rosie. I felt so comfortable and the final photos were incredible. Perfect for my stunt/acting portfolio....NOT to posed or overdone. I highly recommend for anyone needing portfolio pictures. The turn around process was quick and I was able to get more great shots than I expected.  Very professional yet it felt like I was working with old friends. JP offered lots of cues and direction to help capture the best angles for my face and body. They were also able to book me last minute to meet my scheduling needs. I could not have asked for a better experience.


I just finished a shoot with JP and his crew and words cannot express how satisfied I am with their service. I am absolutely amazed at how talented and wonderful this team is! 
Rosie did my make up. She made this titah local girl go from grit to glam. I never wear makeup and she made me look and feel fierce. Rosie is so down to earth and easy to talk to, just talking to her calmed my nervous (trust me, I was a nervous wreck on the inside). 
After Rosie was done, Kelsey did my hair. The curls she did was amazing and they held throughout the shoot. She was also easy to talk to and made me feel more relaxed about the whole thing. 

On to the shoot with JP.. Honestly at first, I was skeptical about a male doing these types of photos but I adored his work and decided to take the plunge.. He was patient and helped me with my outfits. On shooting day, JP was so professional about the whole thing. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole thing. Some of the poses he puts you in can be a tad uncomfortable BUT the shots are worth the flexibility. Within a matter of hours, JP gave me a preview of what we had done. My jaw literally dropped when I seen the photo. If given the chance I would love to have another session done by this team. They are truly miracle workers, I've never imagined myself doing this type of photoshoot and me looking as hot as they made me look  This team are a group of professionals with EXTRAORDINARY service. All you need is an open mind and you won't be disappointed

Kristian Napuanani Canne - 5 star

I stepped way out of my comfort zone for this one, and I am so glad that I did! For a while, the JP Moulin Photography page was popping up on my feed. I LOVED what I saw but wasn't sure if that could be me. I finally messaged them, booked my spot and anxiously awaited my shoot date!! Rosie & Andrea literally made me glow☺️ Hair & makeup is where my confidence started. Then it was on to JP to let him work his magic and he did!! I can't wait to see the shots he got.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! ***but wait, there's more!!!

For this being my first time doing anything of this nature, I was hesitant at doing almost everything online (booking, outfit consultation, etc.) BUT I feel like everything went so smoothly!! JP was always available and responded with any questions that I had within minutes!  There's so much more I could say, but why ruin it for you??

Book them, you won't regret it!



As someone who used to model and work for a model/talent agency I've always been super picky about photographers and their work. After a couple of months seeing friends/other women's photos of the boudoir shoots they did with JP and his dream team I finally decided to get up the courage and book myself a shoot. As a mother of a hyperactive little boy and a wife it's hard to find the time to feel sexy and spoil myself. I was definitely nervous about having my pictures taken. But after my experience I CAN NOT say enough how comfortable and welcomed I felt when it was time for my shoot. From the get go JP made sure to understand exactly what it was that I wanted and always offered tips on outfits, accessories, etc. On the day of the shoot everything was so effortless. I was first greeted by his wife Rosie who is the amazingly talented women who does the makeup for each client and she greeted me with a hug and I immediately felt at ease and hair and makeup quickly began. After my transformation with the help of Miss Aloha Andrea (hair artist) I couldn't believe the end result. I saw myself for what seemed like the first time in a whole new light. I was radiant and screamed SEX BOMB!! I was so ready to finally have my photos taken! After getting done with hair and makeup I was off to the hotel to my shoot where I met JP. Girls, let me tell see this tall man walking to you and at first you feel a little intimidated but then after he talks and welcomes you, you can tell he wants nothing more than to make your day so incredibly special and he takes away all that worry. He walked me through the process and I could tell this was his greatest passion: To make every woman see her ultimate beauty and everything wonderful that she/you are. JP talks you through posing and explains eveything you need to do. So even if you think you don't know how to pose or that you might look stupid....don't worry because he will help you through it and soon you will be a pro. After all of my outfit changes and photos the session was done and i was actually sad because of just how much fun I had. You definitely get a natural high and I've never felt more confident. I can't thank JP and his team enough. They are some of the sweetest people I have met on the island and they almost feel like family. If you have any reservations about booking a photoshoot with him; DON'T!!!! you will be sooo happy you did.


Heather Haneberg - 5 star

Being a busy working mommy, I barely have time to get ready for the day let alone put on makeup. After having my 3rd child...I wanted to give myself an incentive to lose the pregnancy weight and feel sexy again so I booked a session with JP Moulin Photography. The entire experience far exceeded my expectations and for the first time since giving birth I felt sexy and beautiful thanks to JP, Rosie and team. My message to anyone out there contemplating booking a session...DO IT without hesitation, you will absolutely not regret it!

Shauna Ramento - 5 star

I can't even put into words how AMAZING I felt on my shoot with JP and his team!! I had made a list of things that I wanted to do ( a bucket list ) this year and doing a photo shoot with JP was right there at the top of my list. His wife Rosie and hair stylist Andrea were so welcoming and so relatable that I never felt intimidated. Both of them are so talented at what they do and literally TRANSFORMED a regular, everyday mom of 3 kids like me into a bombshell!! That was the easy part!! The hard part came when I had to actually change into my outfits, pose and look sexy doing it! JP was excellent at guiding me with every pose( because let's be honest, I didn't know what the heck I was doing lol) I felt so comfortable during my shoot that the nerves just disappeared and I went for it!! JP and his team made me feel like a WOMAN again!! Something we all forget to be when we're being a mom and wife. This has been one of thee BEST experiences of my life!!


Dionne Danae — 5 star

One of my favorite photo shoots I've done! The team is perfect and Rose made me confident and picture perfect with her superb makeup skills. JP had me looking forward to the shoot weeks before as he took the time to plan each outfit accordingly to flow with our Funk and Soul theme. And having someone there to assist with lighting is a game changer! (Thanks Landon!) No doubt 5-stars!, can't wait to work with them again.


Hannee Chong — 5 star

JP is wonderful to work with! There are good photographers out there who could take beautiful pics, but JP has a knack for bringing out the BEST in his subjects/models. He is passionate, creative and has an eye for beauty and details. If you look through his portfolio, you will see that his subjects SHINE in every one of them. During the shoot, he gives you a lot of directions, ideas, and subtle tips that made all the difference in the world when you see the final pic! I really appreciate that. Highly recommended!!!


Joyce Gardiner — 5 star

Recently I asked JP to help me shoot something sexy for my husband's birthday present. He and I came up with many creative ideas I absolutely loved. When it came to shoot time. His wife did an amazing job transforming me into someone ready to let go of my goofy side and put on the "sexy face". The shoot spot was even better than the one scouted for JP and he really knew how to work every ar... See More


Jamie Tom — 5 star

Ladies this was the best thing I have done in a while. If u are interested in doing a shoot don't hold back u will regret it later. JP is the best person for the job and I promise u no matter how unsure u are he will make u feel comfortable and u will truly be in love with all ur pictures. He sure know how to work his magic!! Thank u for my amazing pictures and great experience JP. I will cherish these for the rest of my life. After 3 kids mama's still got it. Lol


Leilani Ramos — 5 star

JP had a great energy the moment I met him. He made me feel very comfortable from the get go. He helps out with posing ideas and is very patient with the little things for example, hair fixing, reposing and etc. He is very efficient when it comes to editing. He uploads the photos of the shoot almost immediately. I was surprised that he had already edited a few photos the day of the shoot! Overall awesome experience and I am looking forwrd to working with him and his crew. Check him out!

Ashley Mckalvia — 5 star

Jp is a very talented photographer who has a artistic eye in creating unique and beautiful images. He made me feel very comfortable and listened to what ideas I had. He gave me great guidence when it came to posing and paid attention to the details to ensure that I looked my best. His wife also did an amazing job with my makeup and made sure I was comfortable through the whole process. I definitely would recommended them!

Yvonne Reyes Burton — 5 star

I had the opportunity to work with JP Moulin and his wife Rose Moulin they're an amazing team!Rose is wonderful with makeup and JP makes you feel so comfortable and very respectful I truly recommend anybody to work with them,pictures came out amazing thank you so much!

Judy Marrufo — 5 star

I've known JP foreeeevvver. Not only is he such a great soul, but he really made me see the beauty in life. Never thought I would take professional pictures but he really made me feel confident and secure about my everyday insecurities. Just want to thank you for bringing me up and making my day. Love you! Xoxo

Marci Calvillo — 5 star

You don't need me to tell you to book a photoshoot with JP..... His work speaks for its self. When I first saw his work a few years ago I fell in love with his style and knew I wanted to work with him. There was nothing about working with JP and his wife that I regretted. They are two amazing people who work great together. I really don't think I need to type a long review because there are soooo... See More

Aly Hill — 5 star

JP creates magic. The work he and I did together was absolutely unbelievable. I appreciated his relaxed and very open nature. The shoot was a dream! I look forward to having more fun with him in the near future. Working with a photographer who listens to what you truly want the finished product to look like is hard to find. The finished product is worth every minute! Thank you JP. Hubs is going to adore them!

P.s. Rosie does some of the best make up I have ever seen. Truly an experience working with her! This couple is truly talented.

Blythe Dewey — 5 starI was lucky enough to WIN a photoshoot with JP. I was so nervous prior to the shoot, and self concious that I wouldn't photograph well. He is so professional, and yet laid back at the same time. He brought me out of my shell and his talent complimented my images so well, I was blown away! I told him, make me look like a babe! Mission accomplished! Frumpy mom mode- deactivated, sexy mode-commence!! Love love love!!

Emm Mi — 5 star

JP is a joy to work with! His professionalism, superior knowledge of lighting and photography, and unique vision are only some of the factors attributing to his amazing art. I highly recommend JP Moulin Photography.

Toni Wilson — 5 star

I was lucky to win a photo shoot! Even though I won my shooti was still treated like royalty! Rosie's makeup is flawless!! We had a little "mishap" and it rained but her makeup stayed perfect! JP feel so confident in myself (having a little one at home I kinda lost don't confidence) he was professional but friendly- very helpful hints and tips to get the best shots! Turns out the rain made my shoot a little sexier! I was very nervous even as we got started but my fear quickly faded! I would suggest JP to anyone!! You will love everything about the experience!!

Tazz Sichmeller — 5 star

Highly recommend it there some of the best pics ive ever took they will look awesome at the top of my portfolio!!!

Lesley Valencia — 5 star

JP is my new favorite pinup photographer! Awesome team! I couldn't ask for more amazing shoot.

Anna Everson — 5 star

Like probably most people who have had the privilege of having a photo shoot with JP, I was nervous beforehand. I am a mom to 3 boys, so even though I still try to keep my femininity, it has been awhile since I have really felt truly beautiful. Busy life gets in the way, and often times the mom duties come before doing anything really special for yourself. When I booked my session with JP, I chan... See More

Paula Murray — 5 star

When JP asked me if I'd be interested in doing a shoot like this, my initial belief was that there was no way I would be able to pull it off. As a devoted mother of two beautiful children, I felt I wanted to "do something different", something just for me. I knew that when ever I've stepped out of my comfort zone I've usually been overwhelmed with reward.

Kia London — 5 star

Great photographer! JP is very easy to work with and creates a comfortable environment. He has a great eye for capturing the essence of the moment. I Highly recommend that you shoot with him.

Audrey Riding — 5 star

Absolutely my favorite photoshoot!!! JP's work is high quality and amazing! He and his crew drove OVER an hour to meet me at my location, arrived on time, and prepared. I decided on an urban twist on boudoir setting. Boudoir photos for women often times tend to be sensitive but JP made it so comfortable and professional - he even brought a female assistant to have that feminine security in the setting. LIGHTING LIGHTING LIGHTING - JP knows his lighting!!! The pictures are already absolutely amazing without photoshop - I can't wait to see the finished product! JP's shoot definitely brought in great energy - he is truly a master in photography! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Samantha Hatch — 5 star

I can't express enough how amazing this experience was. He listens to you and finds your story and then you get to take a journey. This isn't someone who just wants your money, it's all about you and how you feel! It's hard to explain how much fun, and liberating the whole experience was. I'm a mom of two and I just wanted a break from my every day and to just get dressed up and have a me day! I couldn't imagine it getting any better than today! And don't get me started on his sweet wife! I wish I could fit Rosie in my pocket and take that little ray of sunshine with me! This is by far the greatest photography I have had the pleasure to meet and I doubt I'll meet anyone better!

Jadeine Crisp — 5 star

After shooting yesterday I have to say JP Moulin Photography is one of the most professional photographers I have met. Working with him is very comfortable and professional. He has a great eye for classy shots. If your looking for a photographer look no further!

Angela Brown — 5 star

I was lucky to shoot with JP Moulins! He is amazing at what he does. Not only is his work on paper professional, he as a person is professional as he is respectful, mindful, and caring. My photos came out great despite the challenges we faced that day. The weather was bad and my eyes wouldn't stop tearing, but he reassured me that we would do great, gave me confidence throughout the shoot with res... See More


Jasmine Evans — 5 starThere's only one word I can use to describe my experience with JP: amazing!! He and his wife Rosie are such a fantastic team. She worked her magic and gave me exactly the look I wanted. When it was time to shoot, JP was excellent! The way he framed the shots, set the lighting, directed and made me feel comfortable, it didn't take long before my nervousness subsided and I truly felt beautiful! I absolutely can not wait to see the rest of the shots! Thank you JP, Rosie and Landen!!

Alli Bamma Arevalo — 5 star

He does amazing work! Just see for yourself!

Alex Newell — 5 star

I REALLY enjoyed my photo shoot with JP! I was pretty nervous about looking awkward in the photos because I have never done any kind of modeling before. He showed me exactly what to do, how to move, what angles look best, and how to accentuate areas of my body while he used his amazing lighting and photography skills to make me look my best! We even artificially incorporated rain into my shoot!! A... See More


Michele Kiniery-Glauber — 5 star

Today's photo-shoot was amazing!!! I was at a complete loss of what to wear and how this was going to turn out, not because I didn't have faith in JP and his team, but because I've never seen myself being capable of pulling off a shoot in such an awesome setting! It happened!! I'm so excited!! From the moment I sat down with Rose, I felt comfortable. She and I talked as she did her magic!! I... See More

JP Moulin Photography - Hawaii

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Kristen Miyamoto — 5 star

I absolutely loved working with JP! This was my first big photoshoot and I was so nervous and excited, but JP made me feel so comfortable throughout the session and he gave great guidance and feedback! I had been wanting to feel like a beautiful, elegant, and sexy woman for such a long time. After seeing the pictures he took--the way he captured the light on and around me and the way he framed eac... See More

Laurel Pepe — 5 star

I had the most wonderful experience shooting with JP. I am not an experienced model, and had a bad experience in the past with being in front of the camera. I was extremely nervous, but JP was awesome about making me feel comfortable, and was great about not pushing me to do anything I wasn't comfortable doing. As a result, I ended up with pictures that I will definitely treasure as a step in becoming confident in who I am, physically and spiritually. Couldn't have done it with anyone else.

Tiffany Newgard — 5 star

I had the opportunity to work with JP on a photo shoot to surprise my husband who is deploying soon. Being a wife, mom, and nurse I felt like this was something I could do to step outside the box, feel really beautiful for the day, and have lasting images to give him to remember a big part of our life both going through a deployment AND living in Hawaii. That being said, I was a ball of nerves tha... See More

Nicole Burke — 5 star

JP has been a very close friend of my family since I was a little girl. Quite a few years later I'm expecting and decide that I want a memorable keepsake of my pregnancy. I thought of the breathtaking, gorgeous maternity photos I had seen floating around and wanted so bad to have something similar to cherish. My session with JP was nothing short of magical. He listened to all of my ideas and offer... See More

Ciamar Selepeo — 5 star

JP and his Wife Rose are really great at what they do. I am beyond happy that I had my first shoot ever with them! JP does the job very well at a professional level and also knows how to keep things fun. All of the pictures he takes always has a story behind them which is what makes his work unique and just amazing! He knows how to capture the beauty in people and make them feel confident. For tho... See More

Samara Burnett — 5 star

I had an absolute amazing time shooting with JP. The set was fun and he is pretty much down for whatever!

Christine Mackubbin — 5 star

I absolutely love every image that JP and I created together! He is very professional and made sure we collaborated before the shoot to work out all the details. JP has a wonderful team available to make sure his vision is captured perfectly. His work truly speaks for itself!

Brandi-Ashlee Dilwith — 5 star

Through his photos on facebook and seeing his work through another friends company, i knew that my experience with JP would be wonderful. What drew me to JP's work was the energy and feeling of "comfortableness" from all his clients shown on his website! JP made me feel comfortable from the moment we started talking about a prior shoot that i have done and then really wanting to work with him myse... See More

Amber Folmar — 5 star

It was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I felt empowered, beautiful, confident. Things I haven't felt since before I have my son. I was so comfortable and amazed at how you and your wife can put together a whole image. I thought I would be awkward and out of place. I never felt more like myself. Every woman on the planet should get to feel like this.

Dari Mae — 5 star

I've white water rafted down the 1996 Atlanta Olympic run, jumped into a cage surrounded by sandbar and galapagos sharks, and jumped out a plane at 15,000 feet twice and the prospect of a photo shoot seemed much more terrifying to me! I was so nervous but Rosie is an awesome make up artist and JP talked me through it setting me at ease! Thank you for making me feel like a super model for the day! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Diane Sonoda — 5 star

JP and Rosie are an amazing team! They are very welcoming, sweet, and funny! We had such an amazing and fun experience during my daughters senior portrait photo shoot! My daughter wanted to do something out of the box, from the traditional 'studio session.' And JP exceeded her expectations. He has quite the 'photographer eagle eyes!' As soon as we arrived at the location, he instantly did a quick scan of the area, and BOOM he saw his shots, then magic was created!

Candis Jorgan Mattox — 5 star

JP & Rosie were amazing (: Rosie was super sweet & made my friend & I feel right @ home while she did my make-up! JP was incredible. Not only did he have his own ideas, but when I had my own, he also was okay with trying out mine & actually came to love some of the ideas I had! He was very professional & didn't make you feel forced to do anything you felt uncomfortable with! I will definitely be returning to these 2 lovelies in the future. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience! (: Also, Rosie done some of the best make-up I've ever had done on me! She made the colors perfect to compliment my eyes & she make my entire face POP!

Danielle Akina — 5 star

I have to give JP Moulin Photography - Hawaii a 5 star rating! Booking 2 shoots with him just a week apart clearly shows how awesome he is!  I've never done a photoshoot of any sort, ever, and he made me feel like a natural. Very comfortable, good vibes, fun time around him. I inquired about his "Moms to Models" which literally made me feel more confident about myself, my body and that everyone i...See More

Melissa Aykroid — 5 star

If you want amazing photos, JP is absolutely the best photographer to go to! I had one prior photo shoot experience, which was absolutely awkward due to a photographer that did not give me any direction as to what to do at all. JP was fantastic at letting me know what to do, which way to look, how to hold a certain pose, and I didn't feel like a deer caught in the headlights not knowing what to do. The pictures from what I've seen so far are absolutely gorgeous, I would have never dreamed I could ever look the way I did in these photos! He definitely knows what he's doing and is a master of his art form! Fun to work with too! If you haven't worked with him already, you're missing out big time!


Breannah Smith — 5 star

Had so much fun doing the shoot! Definitely doesn't matter if you have done one before or not, after the first 10 minutes than I was feeling confident and comfortable and best yet I felt stunning :-) you are awesome JP and Rose you are a master at what you do..

Jan Albrizze Dickerson — 5 star

I live on the mainland now. JP Moulin fills my heart with Aloha thru my eyes and mind. I wanna come back to my little grass shack! I would recommend JP to anyone who wants aloha and the aina in their photo shots. Jan Dickerson

Angelic Smith — 5 star

If you are considering doing a shoot with JP! Just do it and don't think about all the extras in your head, he will help you appreciate who you are in your natural beauty!  I will never forget the Once in a Lifetime experience I had with JP Moulin Photography. After looking at all the photos on his page I knew I wanted to do this. After scheduling my session I began to prepare outfits and began t... 

Adriana Monique — 5 star

love his work! such a great photographer to work with! thanks again for the beautiful photos!

Miranda Rush Saenz — 5 star

JP and his wife are a perfect team! I was a bit nervous before we started, but they are so great it is hard to not have a fun time. JP went above and beyond what I could have imagined. He found great locations and I met some fabulous people. I have worked with a lot of photographers and he is definitely among my favorites.

Christina Bowen — 5 star

I would very highly recommend JP for any woman out there wanting to feel completely glamorous and flat out breathe taking in pictures! Whether they are for a partner, yourself, or a special event, JP is a true talent behind the lens. He's completely professional and is great at directing the shot, especially for a novice like myself! The pictures he took of me are some of the best I've ever had! I couldn't be happier with his work! I sincerely recommend JP and can't wait to be in front of his lens again!

Shelley Ahia — 5 star

I highly recommend JP Moulin Photography to capture your priceless moments. He is everything one looks for in a photographer-- professional, artistic, creative, caring and exceptionally talented at capturing a beautiful fleeting moment... His product is nothing less than outs attention to detail, and keen sense of emotion, which allowed him to create a masterpiece of work and a collection of memories...


Marissa Marie — 5 star

I highly recommend JP Moulin! He has a way with bringing out the best in you. I really felt comfortable, sexy, and confident being in front of his lenses. He really works with you to not only make beautiful pictures but to create a story. I loved working with him, and I think everyone could appreciate his work.


Marisa Nicole — 5 star

Amazing wonderful photographer!!! I highly recommend contacting JP to take your photos!! Inbox him and make an appointment!!!


Sherri Meyer — 5 star

I totally did this spur of the moment. So, I asked a friend if he could recommend a photographer. He pulled out his phone and called JP. I was scared and nervous, but excited at the same time. I wanted to do something special for a birthday present. JP was awesome! I let him know what I was looking for, and he came through in a big way. The location was beautiful, his bike was awesome and JP made everything flow really well. He's a great director. Lol. Thank you for making my present to someone very special.


Mandy-Paul Sarono-Mahuka — 5 star

I wanted to take pictures as a Valentine's Day gift for my husband and I chose JP because of the positive reviews as well as his work on previous clients. He makes such a great effort to understand you, where you're coming from, and is very personable. His wife Rose is really great too. I'm not a very feminine woman, but after she made me up I couldn't help but feel giggly and girly :-) They're both such down to earth people and they make sure you're comfortable in your own skin. I had so much fun that I wanted to do more shoots as soon as we were done! Highly, highly, highly recommend JP Moulin Photography!


Amber McJunkin Keith — 5 star

JP Moulin is a wonderful photographer to work with. He has such an eye for what will look amazing and also has such a big heart! I contacted JP through Facebook telling him about my insecurities and what I hoped to gain from the shoot but truth be told, I couldn't afford his normal rate. To my surprise, JP graciously agreed to work with me and we began putting together the details for at shoot at ... See More