The #DreamTeam - Hair, Makeup, & Photography

You will be hard-pressed to find a team in Honolulu as passionate and talented as ours when it comes to styling and makeup for photoshoots.

Andrea Rodriguez Hair Stylist IG: @missalohaandrea

Andrea Rodriguez
Hair Stylist
IG: @missalohaandrea

Raised in Hawaii I found my love for everything hair during my adolescent years. I’d spend hours on end coloring, cutting, styling and giving myself mini photoshoots in my room. It was my fun and creative outlet which eventually turned into my dream profession. I feel very greatful to have found my passion early on and lucky I get to share it with so many creatives. I had been a salon stylist for 7rys; 3 of which was spent in Los Anges where I really immersed myself in photoshoots, pagents, film and everything vintage style. I moved back because Hawaii is ultimately my home and I wanted to persue my own journey here. That lead me to meet JP Moulin. I was doing a BlowOut event, where we gave complimentary chamapgne/hair/makeup/photoshoot sessions at local Clubs. The theme that night was pinup, my favorite. I was in styling mode and all I see is an arm holding out a business card while I was working on a client. I look up, way up, and attached to that arm was 6’6” JP Moulin telling me to give him a call. It has been a #dreamteam ever since!
Rosie Kehaulani Moulin MUA IG: rose_moulin_artistry

Rosie Kehaulani Moulin
IG: rose_moulin_artistry

Born and raised on O’ahu, I’ve been with my husband since I was 17 years old...over 20 about a ride! I’ve always enjoyed playing with makeup, but never could have imagined it would have turned into my dream job! In 2013, after 20 years in the restaurant industry, my husband (JP Moulin) asked if I wanted to do makeup on one of his clients. I had the same doubts as many people do, but he encouraged me to do it, and it came out amazing! The rest is history (in the making). I love seeing womens’ reactions when they look in the mirror, and love even more the reviews and feedback after the shoot. Stay blessed...
JP Keala Moulin Photographer IG: @jpmoulinphoto

JP Keala Moulin
IG: @jpmoulinphoto

For me, photography is less about taking someone’s picture than it is about the expression of a philosophy. That philosophy? Inspiration.

Let’s start with a confession...when I was 8 years old, I was looking through my Mom’s Sears catalog and came across a beautiful busty brunette in conservative lingerie. The way she was sitting, and the lighting, and the glamourous was enraptured. I carefully tore out the page and hid it under my bed and pull it out when my parents weren’t looking. I was 8 years old, but it was an innocent attraction to beauty...this is my inspiration make all women look beautiful and recapture those feelings I had as a child. Sorry Mom, the missing page 48 was because of me; but I think it worked out.

I routinely get asked, “How did you get into photography”? The short answer is that after a brief stint working for the Honolulu Police Department and an injury, I took up a REALLY crappy job...i mean REALLLLY crappy. But one loaf of bread is better than no loaves of bread right? It was at that job that I was introduced to a camera, and the rest is history.

I realized that I had a gift of making people feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera and decided I would focus on photographing people..especially women. This was when Rosie and I and been together for 16 years. A wise man who had been married several times advised me that if I wanted to avoid issued in my marriage, to bring Rosie into the business - I had no idea she had a passion and true raw artistic talent with makeup. This husband and wife team - both born and raised on Oahu - is something unique on O’ahu...and we don’t take our gift lightly. To all those who have come in front of my lens, it was for a reason, and I am grateful to all of you!